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Team Armoredcoin is proud to release the brave, new AC1 Control Kit 'Woodchipper' - the first auditable production Bitcoin control system available to the public.

AC1 'Woodchipper' Bitcoin Control Kit | The kit contains all equipment and code required by the protocol, enabling non-technical users to safely store, manage, and validate their Bitcoin without having to trust third parties or incorporate 'hope' into any part of their security equation.

Two mid-2000s refurbished laptops (manufacturer varies), one being modified for airgap
Two usb webcams
90 Day Warranty
Two bootable flashdrives
Software & dependencies:
Lubuntu (normal users)
OpenBSD (advanced users)
Electrum (normal users)
Bitcoin Core (normal users)
trb client (advanced users)
QR scanner application
QR generator application
Raw transaction validator

1. AC1 'Woodchipper' Bitcoin Control Kit (Full) ฿0.099

Stand Alone Ordnance

AC1 'Woodchipper' Bootable Flashdrives | High performance USB thumbdrives containing a bootable Lunux distro and all software/dependencies required for deploying the protocol on your own airgap system
1. AC1 'Woodchipper' Bootable Flashdrive (single) ฿0.005
2. AC1 'Woodchipper' Bootable Flashdrives (pack of 2) ฿0.01
3. AC1 'Woodchipper' Bootable Flashdrives (pack of 12) ฿0.05

Stand Alone Equipment

AC1 'Woodchipper' Laptops & Webcams | Mid-2000s refurbished laptops (manufacturer varies), choice of standard or airgap version with all wireless & bluetooth cards/chips/antennas removed. 90 Day Warranty
1. Standard Laptop ฿0.037
2. Airgap Laptop with wireless & bluetooth cards, chips, & antennas removed ฿0.038
3. USB Webcam ฿0.006

All products come with a 90 day limited warranty and free email support.